Sunday, December 17, 2006


Yay for me! The Christmas season has been kind to my wargaming needs so far with a GW voucher and a 18 month subscription to White Dwarf. I also got the Eldar Bonesinger miniature that comes with the WD subscription so I am now considering using said voucher to start an Eldar army (yay more light armor and fancy guns) or see if Sean wants to sell up his Templar stuff and take a marine army as I am the only one in our group without one! Any who enough abut what's going to happen, what's been happening?

Well quite a few games have been played and I have been really slack and not blogged them, we have been having fun using the City fight rules and we all got to scream in fear as John's Nurgle boys stepped aside to let the Warhound TITAN through.

We appear to be waiting for the new year before any more games but as we may be looking at a quiet week ahead we may squeeze in a game or two!



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