Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am so sorry

Ok last weekend played a game of 40k Vs Sean who has decided to switch again to Ultramarines, yay for keeping me on my toes!

I had in my happy hands the new Tau Empires codex and decided to try out as many of the new toys as I could and in 2000pts boy did I try a whole bunch of them. Mostly I tried out the new Battlesuit items/weapons and the Vespids (oh you poor bugs)

Due to a faulty battle plan on my part and S's paranoia on how effective those Vespids would be, they copped a hail of fire in the first turn and where wiped out to a bug!

The advanced stabilization option is awesome for the broadside, by careful placing I was able to change 2 long fire corridors into 5 by only needing to shuffle 3 inches.

Once again I got my pathfinders in trouble and watched half of them die in a fiery explosion as their devilfish was blown out of the game by seans Tankhunter Dread! I may just give these guys up as a bad idea they always die on me! However that being said, there was the one shining moment when Sean charged the remanents of the team with a lightning claw wielding veteran killing 2 of the 3 remaining path finders then having the indignity to be fail his armour save to the lowly Tau pathfinder wielding a rail rifle, who then proceeded to take pot shots at anything he could see for the rest of the game.

I also tried the cyclic Ion blaster and completely forgot about some of its ability's such as that any 6's to wound become ap1 a VERY important fact to remember when using this against marines, until I remebered/re-read this rule I had thought to never use this against marines again but knowing this aspect has made me think to give it a few more trials as assault 5 is too hard to give up easily.

The Iridium armor is AWESOME for your commander, it is amazing how many more risks you're willing to take with a 2+ armor save.

The Airbursting Fragmentation projector (AFP) didn't really get a fair run in this game but it did not appear to be able to crack marine armor so it really does appear to be a Tyranid/ork grunt/guard weapon, I will continue some more trials with the AFP.

The fail safe detonator didn't get to be used as the pilot was felled by a lasconnon=(

Sean won the recon mission and also most likely won pts wise, he kept to his game plan and he used those evil landspeeders armed with nasty autocannons and heavy bolters to throw a hail of heavy firepower to decimate many poor Tau lives


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