Saturday, January 28, 2006


I have been very slack and not writing my battle reports! I have been playing however!

My Tau have had a few more battles with Sean's Templars, and man are the a 'ard bunch! Their 'Righteous Zeal' ability is tough to compensate for! That extra d6 move they can get after the shooting phase can seriously change the careful positioning you have done in the moving phase to be "just" out of assault range=(.
The Orb is a very scary piece of equipment but the jammiest thing I have seen is the drop pod (yes I know other marines can get them too!) for 30pts you get a implicated tank that can be positioned ANYWHERE on the table so long as it is clear ground.

So far Sean and I are equal in 5 battles 2 wins each and 1 draw.( I think that's right I may be wrong though((more slackness on my part)))

anywho that's all for now more to come when I stop being so slack!


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