Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tau Vs Spacewolves

Ok so a public holiday has come along and we seize the opportunity to wargame!

I invited Sean and Aaron to come over to replay/finish the last game but Aaron was unavailable, he was so sad!
So Sean and I decide to go for a 1500pt battle of Tau Vs Spacewolves ( the last hoorah for them as Sean is now after the shiny new Templars).

Now I must apologize for a lack of photos of this battle, the camera was cunningly hidden away ( on a table in the middle of the living room doh!) so you will just have to use your imagination and please try to keep the pink fluffy elephants out of the fight!

I was using the same army layout as last time
1 Shas'o (Ten'chi) with plasma rifle and a Fusion Blaster plus 8 drones to accompany him(bought separately)
2 Shas'ui battle suits Ryo'ko, Aye'ka with plasma and missile fitted with a multi trackers,
8 stealthsuits
4 firewarrior squads (A,B,c and D) of 12 members each
2 hammerhead battle tanks HH1 (railgun +missiles), HH2 (Ion cannon + burst cannons)

Ok so after setting out terrain we rolled for the mission using the advanced missions table available on the GW website at , and we rolled the Take & hold battle scenario so we place a model of Ragnar on a small pedestal in the middle of the table for us to fight over. Sean got to choose his table edge but I won first turn so I told the Tau to lock and load!

Turn 1

Sean had placed his Venerable Dreadnought in the centre of his battle line to take prime opportunity of his Plasma cannon. So I decided to object to that and moved the HH1 into position to take a shot. I hit (yay bs:4) scored a penetrating hit (not hard with the railgun) so Sean regretfully rolled for the result and rolled up the Armament destroyed and crew stunned result, now Sean had a tough decision as he knew I would ask for the removal of the dreaded plasma cannon. Sean had based a lot of the his armies deployment around having that evil template to remove firewarriors, so he reluctantly felt forced to use the Venerable dread's reroll ability. With crossed fingers he rolled the dice ...... and rolled a 6, so not only was the cannon gone, the Venerable dread had exploded in a ball of incandescent gas!
Happy with the performance from my HH1 I moved onto my Stealth suits who had jumped back to fire into the rear of the wolfscouts who had popped up in some trees near fw's c and d! So they fired their 24 shots scoring 12 hits, 8 wounds and Sean only managed to save 1 of the scouts from the withering hail of fire. Aye'ka sought to finish off the scout squad, hit and wounded twice but as he was in the trees Sean got the invulnerable save and made both of them.

HH2 fired at the remaining dread but only scored 1 hit which failed to even glance the metal behemoth.
Ryo'ko having jumped up a tower was able to see the side of Sean's Rhino2 so I took my chances with the missiles but I missed.
That being everything that could fire ( the firewarriors where either out of range or had just moved)

Spacewolves turn1

Smarting from the loss of his Venerable Dread Sean raced all 3 rhinos forward and popped their units out with the blood claws on the left and right hand sides with the Grey hunters holding the centre (and the objective)
His Dread shot at my HH2, the twinlinked las cannon missed even with his reroll ( Sean has the worst luck with Las cannons) and the krak missile did hit but failed to penetrate.
Rhino2 near the grey hunters tried to take out Aye'ka and scored 2 hits with the stormbolter but failed to wound the mighty warrior. Rhino1 fired at Ten'chi and his drones but after scoring 2 hits he failed to wound them.
The whirlwind did its thing and launched its pieplate of doom into FWa 5 of them were hit but only 2 where felled by the blast
Now it came to Sean's assault phase and he charged the lone wolfscout into my stealthsuits in the hope of holding them for still for my turn so they could be charged by the bloodclaws in his next turn, he had 3 attacks, scored 3 hits but only 1 wound, however the last scout was carrying a powerfist so one of my scouts was crunched into squishy death.
The rest of the Stealth team became enraged at the death of their comrade and retaliated like never before (in my experience) 14 attacks, 8 hits and 8 wounds Sean managed to save 5 of them but only 1 wd was needed to get rid of the meddlesome scout so he went to the emperors arms while the Stealth team jumped up and down on his corpse!

All in all not at all what Sean wanted from his first turn, 2 firewarriors and a Stealth suit for the loss of a Venerable Dread and a scout squad for no discernible tactical advantage.

Tau turn 2
Now Sean had popped a Bloodclaw unit out of Rhino1 right in front of Ten'chi and his drones so the opened fire the drones scored 2 wd's but Sean pulled out the big double 6's to save, Ten'chi failed to do anything useful with both plasma shots but his fusion blaster took care of one Bloodclaws.
HH1 took aim on rhino2 (hoping to make it explode) but missed, its missiles took aim on the bloodclaws in front of Ten'chi and managed to kill another bloodclaw
FWa decided not to be left out and fired at this same bloodclaw unit with 8 shots, only 2 hit, both wounded but the only managed to bring down another 1 of the bloodclaws (that's 23 shots and only 3 kills for those counting along)

Ryo'ko tried again to take out Rhino2, she failed to take it out but did blow off the stormbolter.
The Stealth suit's jumped over toward the greyhunters and took aim with their 21 shots, 10 where on target,8 of them wounded and Sean pulled off 5 armor saves so only 3 dead Greys.
Aye'ka took aim on the bloodclaws on her side of the battlefield and took out 2 of them.
HH2 shot at Rhino3 with the Ion Cannon but only manage to gain a crew shaken result, the burst cannons took a dislike to the greyhunters and unleashed 6 shots into their midst but only managed to bring down one of them.

Spacewolves turn 2
Sean felt he needed a really good turn 2 to turn this battle around so he moved his Landspeeder into position and took aim at HH2 but missed desperately trying to reduce my tanks his dread fired its las and krak missile at HH2, the Las failed to penetrate again and the krak missile missed.
Sean's last hope was the whirlwind which he dropped on ten'chi and the drones, 8 hit, 8 wounds, 7 failed armor saves
so seven drones in dire need of repair.

everything else had been moved out of range so Sean & I took a good look at the battle and as it was still early he conceded the win to me so we could start another game.

Which we did play and I will write up next time!


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