Friday, October 21, 2005

First WH40k Battle report!

Ok here we go!

3 friends Aaron (in first picture Salamanders far top right), Sean (in first picture Space Wolves bottom right) and myself (in first picture Tau all along the left side) with 1500 pts of army each and way too much testosterone involved gather together to play a three way battle of Warhammer 40k!

I will not at this stage be including full army lists {because I don't have them with me right now :-p }
We decided on the carnage scenario as it allows for more than 2 players, although it did present some interesting deployment problems, dividing the table into 3 equal deployment zones was fun! Also we are not fanatical WYSIWYG players so we do allow substitute miniatures so long as the miniature in question does conform to roughly the same size. Sean has just started on a Space wolves army( his 10th 40k army BTW{this includes narrowing races ie starting eldar then going Saimhaim specific as you can see by the eldar grav tank in the bottom right corner [doing its best to impersonate a rhino]}so a lot of his army was subbed)

Ok 2 Space Marine armies (Salamanders and Space Wolves) low on supplies send forces to converge on a supply dump to restock and gather supplies, miscommunication from the Administratum plus false information supplied by Tau spies cause the two SM commanders to believe that their forces need the supplies more than the other group, even the point of ordering their forces to take the supplies at all costs!. In the mean time Tau forces move into position to take advantage of the ensuing scuffle!

Turn 1

After some unusually good rolling from Aaron, the Salamanders won the rights to start off the fun! Now Aaron had not tried to hide the fact that he did not care who won or who lost so long as I did not win! (This is not because he is a bad sport or anything like that, it is just that his win/loss ratio against me is not so good and he had heard that Sean has handed me my arse a few times so he just wanted to see what it looked like:)
Sean used his ability to stuff up a scout deployment on Aaron, so Aaron decided to hold position and try to thin down some of the evil aliens.(ie. me) He took aim with his Predator tank and fired on my Hammerhead(HH1) tank with the Railgun he did score a hit but only managed to get a crew shaken result, lucky me! The Salamander Dreadnought also took a bead on the rattled HH1 but the targeting computer was off so it missed, everybody else had heard a rumor that there was some stealth suits hiding in the trees (and there were!)

but Aaron repeatedly failed to roll the necessary spot check to be able to see the sneaky buggers!
There was no hand to hand in his turn round so it was turned over to Sean to start doing some damage.
Sean started out by firing upon Aarons assault squad with his Rhino filled with bloodthirsty space wolves and managed to kill one, huzzah!
Now came the part I was not looking forward to.... he started aiming at me! His Dreadnought took aim with its Plasma cannon (a weapon choice I have not be forced to deal with until this time) at my charlie company Fire warrior troop (FWc), he slapped that nasty template over them and 4 of them where turned into superheated goo! One of his land speeders had raced toward my lines with frightening speed and cut loose with its multi melta at the rattled HH1 but the dice gods were with me so he missed. Now time to show them why the Tau are not to messed with bwahaha.
So finally it is my turn and both of my esteemed colleagues have fired upon me so I decided to spread the fire around. As you can see from this photo I had broken my four units into 2 unit groupings 2 to cover the left, 2 to cover the right each with a battlesuit to provide mobile weapons platforms and a hammer head each. For ease I have named the firewarrior troops FWa, FWb, FWc and FWd the commander was to hop around with the drones to help strengthen weak appearing areas and gun down tanks with his fusion blaster. Needless to say I forgot this plan fairly quickly DOH!
So in the movement faze I moved FWb forward and used FWa to try and soften the closet Salamander company but they all failed to wound:(
Shas'ui Ryo'ko (the battlesuit charged with holding the salamanders back) jumped forward and took aim at the vulnerable looking side armor of Aarons Predator the plasma rifle glanced it for a crew shaken result but the missile managed to stun it and destroy one of its weapons ( the pintle mounted bolter I believe). Now my HH2 was armed with the ion cannon as I know Aaron likes to load up on marines but some trees where in the way and as my own troops where hiding in those trees I decided to direct its fire over toward Seans Grey Hunters, not only did all three shots hit but I managed to wound all three so they where all instantly killed due to the LOVELY ap 3 nature of the Ion cannon so no armor saves for Sean yay me. The stealthsuits didn't have any result from their shots so they ran and hid back in the trees. FWd decided to go for broke and fired at Sean's closest Rhino with their pulse rifles who knew that I would not only punch through the armor but also cause the silly thing to explode and be destroyed!


Due to his Predator being unable to fire thanks to being all shook up Aaron decided to punish me by focus the full might of his entire army except his dreadnought upon my poor little stealth suited aliens but dice gods be praised he once again managed to fail to penetrate their stealthy technology with a whole mess of unfortunately (for him;) bad dice rolling! Incensed over the lack of any performance from his troops Aaron decided to give his dread naught a chance to redeem his poor Salamanders so he took aim on Aye'ka (the other battle suit nominally fighting back the space wolves but foolishly in sight of the Salamanders) with his Krak missile s and shelled her like a well done lobster! Sniff!
Sean gleefully rolled for his wolf scout reserves and actually succeeded to bring them on ( I mean come on, who actually manages to bring their reserves on this early!) and promptly deployed them right behind Aaron's devastator squad. He then started assigning targets (mostly at me I might add:P) His multi-melta took another shot at HH1 and missed again, the dread shot at FWd this time but failed to hit any of them (phew!), his demolisher was finally able to see something to shoot at so he took a bead on FWc but again he missed(those evil fickle dice). All done with me for now he had snuck his Rhino around those trees (middle bottom of pic 2) to go after Aaron and fired at one of Aaron's Rhino's (he had three of em at the start!), he managed to score a hit but failed to penetrate the armor. Finally it came to a HTH between Sean's wolfscouts and Aaron's Dev squad , Sean had 12 attacks from which 7 managed to hit, only 3 managed to wound and Aarons luck turned by managing to make all 3 armor saves. Aaron did 5 attacks back, scored 2 hits only 1 of which managed to wound! Sean however failed to make the armor save, so one of his wolf scouts went to the halls of the dead!
So it came to be my 2nd turn.
Ryo'ko decided to get rid of the Predator before it could do any permanent damage so she unloaded everything into it scored 2 hit and only succeeded in blowing off another of its secondary weapons.
Commander Ten'chi mildly disgusted with this lack of performance decided to show her how its done, however he obviously had some sun in his eyes or something as he managed to fail to do any damage at all!
The stealthsuits tired of waiting jumped out and decided to unload 24 shots (evil grin) into one of Aaron's Marine units, 10 managed to hit (not as evil but still evil smirk) and then only 2 where wounded (jaw hits floor) Aaron failed his armor saves for both (out of pity I think) so 2 dead.
Disappointed but still hopeful I perservered with my turn and FWC took aim at the landspeeder as it was in rapidfire range, so 16 shots, 7 hits then 0 count them, 0 effect! So FWd also had to fire at it (rather than taking a well deserved break) also in rapid fire range so 24 shots only 1 hit luckily it also punched through the armor but we only got a crew shaken result so no fiery death but at least it couldn't fire next turn.
HH2 fired at Seans dread but only one of the 3 shots hit it and I failed to get through its armor, the target lock on the HH2 allowed me to fire the burst cannons at the landspeeder 6 shots, 5 hits, 1 managed a glancing hit result and we then rolled for the result and huzzah for me it got immombilised and was destroyed.


Aaron realized that Sean was about to really mess up his Salamanders rear flank so his marines squad fired a missile at Seans Rhino but it missed, his dread also fired at the Rhino scoring 2 hits 1 which penetrated and once again the vehicle destroyed result came up again. Back to firing at me now so the Rhinos heavy bolter and storm bolters start firing in my direction a total of 7 shots, 7 hits, 3 wounds so 1 dead from FWa and 2 dead drones. Aarons 2nd company of marines with the commander fired a total of 8 shots, of which 4 hit he scored 3 wounds all of which I managed to save.
Aaron the charged his bike squad into my commander and his drones( doh!) being marines they went first 9 attacks, 6 hits 3 wounds and 1 failed armor so a dead drone! I attacked back with all that was in range ie. 1 drone (doh doh!) so 1 attack, 1 hit, 1 wound ( I was cheering for this drone with all my might) but Aaron made his armor save (booo!)
Aaron's jump troops (man can they move!) had also managed to make it into combat this round with my stealth suits so 13 attacks, 6 hits, 5 wounds 4 of which I saved so only 1 dead ( it could have been a lot worse). I attacked back with 6 attacks, 5 hits, 2 wounds both of which failed to be saved, (huzzah for the sneaky boys!) but in true marine fashion they weren't going anywhere!

Sean saw an opportunity for 2 birds with one stone and shot his dreads Plasma at FWd and using good template placement managed to hit the HH1 as well. 3 of the lads where hit, 2 of which sadly were turned into warm goo and the tank shrugged off the hit with no damage! His last remaining rhino shot its stormbolter at FWc with its 4 shots it scored, 3 hits, 2 wounds and I only , managed to save 1. The demolisher missed again (bad machine spirit) so he went into HTH. Aarons dev squad and his wolfscouts flailed away at each other for 0 result but Aaron had brought in the tech marine who proceeded to crush the life from 2 of the poor scouts.

My T3 came along and ooh dear 2 units in hth not so good for the poor TAU so time to maximize the damage. FWa where in rapid fire rage of the side armor of the predator surely 1 or more of the 22 shots would get through right...right? 11 hit but sadly none got through its armor. Ryo'ko tried once again to get rid of that infernal machine but only managed to rattle the crew again! FWc fired 14 shots at Aarons marines and I managed to out do myself and kill 3 of them!
HH2 shot its ion cannon at Aarons closest Rhino and managed to destroy it leaving Aaron with only 1 more rhino . The burst cannons fired at the marines this time, 6 shots (cool), 5 hits (yeah) 1 wound (what?) which he saved (sad) on to HTH
the bikes 5 attacks failed to do any damage my drone and my commander showed them that they too can miss the broad side of a barn and failed to do anything useful. FWb charged in with 20 attacks but they had been trained by the commander so they all tripped over and did nothing. The 7 remaining stealth suits fought the 3 remaining jumppack troops their armor managing to pass the 4 armor saves I was required to make they then hit back scoring 5 hit 1 wound which managed to get through the armor and kill the marine!

Unfortunately we did not get to finish this battle as we ran out of time ( to much dithering before hand from all of us)
If you managed to read all this good for you! I hope to be more concise and have more relevent information as I do more reports. I may also start some narrative reports and I will also invite my enemies to post reports here as well.


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